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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

The refinishing process is necessary to either change the color of the flooring or to remove old finish, dirt, scratches and surface stains. If you wish to darken or lighten your floors, we will sand the old finish from the floors and stain them a custom color of your choice. If your floors are worn, heavily scratched or damaged but you would like to keep the same color, we can do that too. We will sand off the old finish and apply your favorite stain color and then top coat the floors with polyurethane; they should look as good as new.


Keeping Your Hardwood Floors for the Long Term


These photos show a good example of sanding off traffic patterns and wear from an older oak floor bringing it back to its original, natural finish:



Maple flooring with old, yellowed oil finish can be sanded and refinished back to its original color:


Severe sun bleaching around an accent rug is removed by sanding a mahogany wood floor:


This is a good example of how we assist you in choosing a stain color:



Oak strip floors from the 1950's that have been covered by carpeting for many years can be refinished to their natural beauty:




This beech wood floor and staircase got an update with a popular grey stain:



This natural oak was sanded and stained with a rich English chestnut stain:


Handscraped, prefinished floors can also be refinished.  This walnut floor looks amazing with the hand rubbed finish:



Adding new wood flooring up to existing flooring calls for a process called "lacing-in."   After sanding, staining and finishing your guests will believe it was always there:  



Quite often when floors sustain water damage they can be patched and refinished with beautiful results:  


Sanding and refinishing of parquet flooring takes a skillled hand.

Herringbone parquet:



Teak Parquet:


Oak Fingerblock Parquet:

Many flooring installers use plank flooring as stair treads.  At Cooper Floors, we custom make solid stair treads and custom finish them to match the flooring.  See more examples of staircase installation on our Installation page.

Staircase installation and finishing:


Stair treads can be stained a different color than the floor for a nice compliment:


Or, taken from unmatched to matching:



From Natural Beech to a medium Grey stain:


From a prefinished cinnamon color to a warm custom rubbed stain:




If we haven't shown photos representing your specific situation, give us a call; I bet we've done it!



Contact us for more information about our restorative process for hardwood flooring.

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